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Too much data? Too many dashboards? Amorphous uses machine learning to give you actionable insight.

Analyze (almost) anything

Amorphous analyzes any data set that can be organized into a table. Get insight with as little as a few hundred rows of data. Common use cases include:

Optimizing marketing spend across different campaigns and channels
Predicting churn and contraction
Maximizing usage & lifetime value
Fraud detection

... and act

Dashboards only tell you what happened. Amorphous helps you identify opportunities to improve your business.

Automatic what-if scenarios help you understand how changing inputs will impact your business.
Give your teams the drivers for each individual prediction, e.g., why a specific transaction is deemed fraudulent, or why a specific customer is at risk of churn.
Understand macro trends: what opportunities exist for the organization to optimize on?

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Amorphous is currently in a private beta. If you're interested in trying Amorphous, schedule a 30 minute onboarding session below: